THE LEGACY. History of an Italian Masterpiece.

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In a suggestive and passionate video, Socci celebrates the making of its most prestigious products focusing the gaze on the main charachters of a story begun in 1962: the devotion of the owners, the refined design, the craftsmanship and the attention to details.

The new corporate video of the Company pays tribute to the Founder of the Company, the Cavaliere della Repubblica Anchise Socci, through the poetry of ancient gestures and artisan techniques borrowed from the past, which are become the prerogative of a few brands in the era of mass production.

Through the perspective of skilled and industrious hands, Socci makes a praise of slow motion that reveals how a well-made object is created. The video enhances the skills and time needed to create a masterpiece of cabinet-making, from the idea to the finished product.

Antithesis of fast living trend, Socci preserves the precious legacy of an endangered art that has its roots in Tuscany but whose beauty is imposed all over the world.

Socci 60 years anniversary video