Haute Design

From over 50 years, the core values that guided Socci furniture design are accurate choice of materials, technical perfection, search for a sumptuous style. The same principles and quality are now extended from the briar wood to light, to textiles and rugs, to the whole home styling in order to integrate the unique and enchanting ambiance inspired by Socci furniture collections.
Socci Home Accessories is part of a wider vision that involves architects and interior designers as our partners in developing ambitious contract projects that satisfy no ordinary customers. When the design goes beyond the material, the object turns into art.


Inspired by the past, designed for contemporary magnificence.


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Lighting Set

A warm and velvety light fills the home atmosphere as an extension of gold brilliance and splendor. Socci models onyx, brass and original Murano glass as sculptures to create a collection of chandeliers and decorative lighting that evokes the golden age of Empire.



The carpet collection “Jardin du Roi” crosses the boundaries of time and space and brings the gardens of Versailles within the halls of a modern residence to enhance the design of Socci furniture collections. The splendor and the harmonious balance of these natural artworks takes shape thanks to a clever mix of materials and colors inspired by the traditional technique of savonnerie carpets.

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