Know-How of Cabinetmakers

In the era of globalization and mass production, Socci choose to preserve and perpetuate the ancient techniques of hand-crafted woodworking for long lasting, high-quality results that are more like piece of art than furniture.


The ancient art of Marquetry

Socci’s precious inlaid woodworks start with the hand-made design of the decoration which is transferred from paper to briar-root. Each single element of the decoration is then pierced on wood and assembled manually according to a “male-female” technique in order to get the perfect match of the different veneers.
The wood is like an artist’s canvas where Socci can create decorations rich and full of details. The Secret in their decor is a manual technique, very old and charming, of graduated shading called “Brunitura”. It consists in putting the inlay element of wood (for example maple wood which is almost white by nature) through hot sand one by one, in order to naturally and gradually darken the wood original color. No paint is used, only the master craftsman’s skills.


Although the technologies of wood processing have evolved over time, Socci continues to achieve its hand carved notch using tools inherited from the past: the gouges. There are dozens of gouges: large, small, V-tip, round blade. Our wood carvers use them one by one to define and give shape to the details of the carving: rosebuds, grape leaves, crowns, shells, coats of arms.
The carvings by Socci are characterized by a magnificent and harmonious design enriched by gold leaf.

Gold Leaf – Golden Poems

The gold leaf is applied entirely by hand in several stages that require great care: preparation of the base on the rough wood, sanding, application of special glue called “Missione”. As if it were a real mission, our decorators apply the thin sheets of gold one by one with the use of gloves to avoid damaging the material, and then perform a light wash with a damp cloth to make the surface smoother. Finally, they apply a fixative antioxidant product and a clear gloss varnish that makes the gold leaf look more intense and brilliant.
Socci uses 2 different finishes on gold leaf:
ORO ANTICATO or COATED – the darkening product called “catramina” is applied manually to penetrate in the reliefs of the notch creating an antiqued effect.
ORO VIVO or NATURAL – gold leaf should be smooth and perfect, as if the furniture was immersed in a bath of gold.