The art of natural finish

Briar wood is king. Free to express the perfection and beauty of its original coloring.
As if it were a painter’s palette, Socci combines the natural colors of the wood
to draw valued and sensational inlaid decorations which make Socci’s Collections
unique and precious.
Socci’s Collections are known worldwide for the wise and careful use of natural
veneers and for its ability to enhance the natural color of the wood, creating colorful and complex decorative inlay.
Socci’s mission is to create rich and exclusive ambiance to live and remember in time.
The products by Socci have a strong and distinctive identity, a vision de charme
that illuminates and captures the scene.


The firm Socci was founded in 1962 by Anchise Socci as a family cabinetry in Ponsacco (near Pisa, Tuscany), within a dynamic industrial district renowned the world over for “Made in Italy”. Today Socci is an appreciated firm to  international level in the sector of the luxury furnishings and it is run by Alessandro and Stefania Socci, the founder’s sons.
Accurate choice of materials, technical perfection, search for a sumptuous style are from over 50 years the core values that have been guided Socci’s furnitures. The union between art cabinetmaker of the past with contemporary style  creates a complete synthesis of design, craftsmanship and quality that is not just luxury, but true elegance.


The production of Socci’s Collections is entirely achieved in Italy with premium materials and making use of highly specialized personnel.
The Certification for 100% Made in Italy and the adhesion to the IT01 System,
guarantee to our customers the highest quality standards and the assurance of
products always made under traceable, monitored and internationally  recognized criteria. These distinctive features make Socci’s Collections unique and hard to imitate.

Masterpieces Lovers

Socci’s collections are a masterpiece of Italian Design, suitable for both a historic villa and a metropolitan penthouse all over the world, from Europe to China, from Indonesia to the United States, from Russia to Africa.
Those who choose Socci appreciate high quality craftsmanship, for the pleasure of having in their own home a masterpiece such as a painting or a work of art.
Please, don’t call it simply classic style furniture.